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Our purpose is to provide opportunities for club members to engage in hunting, fishing and shooting activities. To achieve these opportunities, the club pursues activities which increase the knowledge and practice of hunting and fishing skills, marksmanship, and other recreation activities that are in harmony with the sports of hunting and fishing.

The Mariposa County Fish and Game Protective Association, Inc. was formed in August 1930, and filed with the State of California in April 1941, as a non-profit organization.
The Mariposa County Fish and Game Protective Association works to promote the preservation, safe, and responsible use of our natural resources, encouraging the family and individual participation in fishing and shooting sports; We work with the youth of our county to encourage and develop proper, safe, and responsible skills in the shooting sports and outdoors recreation. Our focus is on the family and youth to develop a healthy and responsible use of the natural environment.
We now have members attracted from all over the Central Valley and West Coast. Events sponsored by the club include social dinners, fishing derbies, shooting competitions and flea markets.

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